Z’s Milestone – Talking

Whenever I hear Z “talks”, I get very excited! I often wonder what are the new words he is going to surprise me and kg today.

Sometimes I do wonder if I have over imagined things – did he really say the word loud and clear? So whenever I hear something, I will get him to repeat! However he will be more intrigued by my curious and excited expression and start smiling back at me instead of uttering the word again.

In the first 12 months of his life, some of the funny and amazing moments I’ve witnessed!

  • I said “Can you please be cooperative and finish your milk?” He stared at me and then “said OK”. I was stunned. Hahaha!
  • He loves to chit chat with his blue soft toy aka care bear. The way he talked was as if telling his toy what he was up to and once i said, “Z go sleep and stop talking. Care bear needs a break too.” I purposely placed care bear in the sleeping position and said, “Ok, Carebear is sleeping too.. Your turn.” He waited for almost 15 mins and hit carebear and resume talking. LOL.
  • Once he woke up around 6am (we were at Batam for holiday) and he was sleeping on the same bed with us. Kg decided to sing “ABC” song to entertain him. We sang at least 2 to 3 times to him. Then that was a long pause and suddenly Z  went “Q, R, S” and it was exact tune! I thought maybe it was 6 plus in the morning, I must be imagining things again. Because Kg was with me, i looked at him and said “Am i hearing the same thing as you?” Kg stared back at me with amazement and started nodding!
  • One boring Sunday afternoon, I turned on the TV and we both started watching Iron Chef. I was explaining to Z the ingredients that the chef was using. I would often go into fine details to describe what the food item was which in this case it was a banana. When i finished explaining to him, he shouted very loudly “Banananananaaanananananna” Hahahaha!

When the first time Z looked at me and said “Mama” so loud and clear, I felt so bless 🙂 The same thing happen when Z started call his dad “Papa” and made him beamed with so much pride. Then it got funny when he sometimes looked at me and went “Papa” and vice versa when he was with his dad.

I thought I will jot down the list of words that little Z knew how to say and also understood them.

  1. Mama
  2. Papa
  3. Mum Mum (food)
  4. Duck (played rubber duckie during his bath time)
  5. Star (tibits, twinkle twinkle little star)
  6. Dog (his favourite soft toy)
  7. Clock (All thanks to the song Hickory Dickory Clock)
  8. Jesus
  9. Nai Nai 奶奶 (His granny)
  10. Gor Gor (Brother)
  11. Hallo? (used when he used his toy phone)
  12. Fish
  13. Two
  14. Three
  15. Lights
  16. Car
  17. Cat
  18. Bear
  19. Keys (sounds like KISH to me now haha)
  20. Ball
  21. Card (when he tap on the bus with my ezlink card!)
  22. 抱抱 (this is hilarious – whenever he says these words, my heart will melt hahaha)

That was one incident that happened in the middle of the night around 3am. He woke up crying and I was really exhausted because it was the 2nd or 3rd time he was crying for me. I asked him desperately, “Z, what do you want huh?” He replied loud and clear “I want milk!” I was stunned. All my tiredness disappeared! I couldn’t believe my ears. I said “You want milk?” He cried even louder and started nodding his head! Unbelievable!

I am grateful for this beautiful milestone in his life and I am really look forward to have meaningful conversations with him. 🙂 Having him to be able to talk make my life much easier (really!) and get the things he need – like food or anything. That makes 2 very happy people in the house! (I don’t want to think about the not so nice part about talking (yet) hahaha)

As i reflect this, it dawned on me that communication is very important and I should often spend time talking to my spouse and to God too. Especially with my spouse instead of hoping (secretly and desperately) that he gets my point, I should communicate my point across and prevent any misunderstanding! I am also reminded to constantly keep talking and praying to God too. Whenever I does this, it will rejuvenate me and keep me going for another day of my life!


30th Birthday

30 Years

Here are my top 10 things that I am grateful and thankful for.

  1. Jesus – the anchor of my life. Knowing Him since I was 5 years old. Accepting Him at age 16. The valleys and mountains in my life, God is always there for me.
  2. My mom who gave birth to me 30 yrs ago – thank You Mummy.
  3. My wonderful 3 sisters – how we grown closer over the years despite all the differences!
  4. My best friend aka the husband, KG always there for me and withstand my constant nagging and very imaginative mind that can drive him crazy @ times. He held back (his frustrations) and patiently smiles at me (most of the time).
  5. My secondary school classmates whom I still keep in touch. Hard to keep up these days and glad that Facebook and What App kept the group connected at all times.
  6. My church – my 2nd spiritual family since year 2000. My values and thoughts were largely shaped by God’s big family. I’ve forged many beautiful friendships with these amazing people who have been a blessing in my life.
  7. Girls’ Brigade Ministry – I was given a 10 years service award recently. How time flies. I am grateful for the good 10 years with this ministry and now I am getting  invites to attend wedding. *gasp*
  8. My business – this year will mark the 10th year. The business had sustained and weathered through the tough competition and enjoyed the good harvest times. There were many times I thought is going to be over for good, God brought me through and His hands provides more than enough for me. Through this business, God taught me contentment and humility which are the 2 most important factors in a christian marketplace.
  9. The dream of a corporate social cause in my workplace is only possible when God’s takes over. As I begin to take the baby steps and started to witness God revealing his plan really excites me. The fear however set in from time to time – what if I fail and what if I messed up? The bigger the plan, the more fearful I am. My friend, C reminded me the bigger the dream and that human efforts can’t fulfill it, then only God can.
  10. Having my own business grants me the privilege which all mothers will want  – that is allowing me to spend time with Zeb. I felt handicapped @ times though that I am not able to do as much in the past. I had to constantly pull myself back and remind myself that work is important but it should not be taking precedence over my child.

Looking forward to the next amazing 10 years of my life! 🙂

Lunch @ Private Affairs [April]

Right… so this is a backdated post! This year in April, I met up with my friend, G for lunch in Raffles place. She brought me to try out this restaurant, Private Affairs to try their set lunches which was surprisingly affordable for a fine dining restaurant. I meant to return soon and looked like I couldn’t for the time being as they are closed for renovation till end of the year! Nevertheless, let me share what G and I ordered during from their set lunch menu 🙂

Slow cooked organic egg with wild mushrooms and Parma ham for my appetizers. Mine mine … I am drooling away as I am typing this post. It was such a rich and delightful meal for my team time. I was also very excited to see Parma ham! I find them rather expensive (like a tray of ham cost $14 in a gourmet supermarket?!) and is something I won’t buy back home unless I decided to make a gourmet pizza! Hehe so I am pleased to devour this gem!

G got herself Pumpkin Velouté, Foie Gras and Black Truffle. Pardon me … I am not a fan of Foie Gras to begin with. Ha!

At this point of time, my keyboard is now flooded with my drools. I ordered Duck Leg Confit with Pomme Puree, Sweet Potato Chips and Orange Sauce as my main. I NEVER REGRET! It was so crispy and good! I probably almost picked up the plate to lick the orange sauce and pomme (what’s that?!) puree! Why did I order that? Did I already know it will taste that good? To be honest, I had never eaten a duck leg confit  and the closest would be I had eaten a Chinese roast duck but they are 2 entirely different things! The very first time i learn about Duck Confit was through this UK TV show, “Dine with Me” and one of the contestants did a duck confit which looked really good! The 2nd time or probably a couple of times more, I saw this dish appearing in Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay a few times. So to chance upon this dish on this menu, why wouldn’t I order it? Of course I would! YUM!

G got herself Teriyaki Cod Fish & Spicy Egg Plant Salad. It tastes delicious too but sorry my duck confit tastes nicer hahahaha 😛

After having such great starters and mains, I really hope my desserts will blow my mind off but no.. It didn’t. In fact the set lunch for desserts only offers us 2 choices. I got myself Tiramisu with espresso jelly and G who doesn’t take coffee had no choice but to take the French Cheese Platter with Condiments. So there you go … our pretty looking desserts. I quite like my Tiramisu – something light and refreshing but was hoping for something rich again! Hehe!

Private Affairs

Website: http://www.privateaffairs.com.sg
Currently going through renovation, so check out their site when they are opening!
Lunch Set Menu
$36++ for 1 Appetizer, 1 Main & 1 Dessert
$40++ for 2 Appetizers, 1 Main & 1 Dessert

11 Months Old … another 20 days to go…

For the past 6 months…

I meant to blog at least every month (just to have a quick write up on Z) obviously is not even happening now.

I meant to bake at least every month for myself or friends and so far only 3 bakes and one of them is an epic failure.

I meant to give myself me-time or travel time every 3 months and none have come true so far *cry*

Another 20 more days, I will become a 1 year old Mother! Another 11 more days, I will turn 30!

I seriously need to start thinking what to do for myself on day I turn 30 and what lies ahead.

Little Z (then 10 months old) cleaning no i meant playing with the magic clean wiper.

May Rantings

It had been such a tiring period for me for the past few weeks. I really wished I had more energy to handle my current life now. However many times I would procrastinate as well and as a result, the things and its deadlines are all falling behind and I had even a harder time trying to catch up. God help me! Some of the major things that happen for the past few weeks since my last post in April.

A New Nanny

Mid April, my ex-nanny told me she couldn’t take care of Z anymore as she was likely to take up a new baby who opt for full time childcare. I was initially stunned and taken aback and didn’t expect this to come. For if I knew, perhaps I would be on a look out for a new nanny. I prayed and send out prayer request to my cell group mates and friends. All told me not to worry and God would provide for me. Within one week, I found a new nanny. No one recommended and the nanny found my “ad” via the Singapore Motherhood Forum. I was really nervous because I didn’t know whom I was dealing with. However God is good, the new nanny and I “clicked” and we did a “trial” for 1 week. It took Z awhile to get familiar with her and the new environment. KG went down and “assessed” the nanny and felt comfortable with her. Although she was not “perfect” but she was ideal. I was also grateful because she is located nearer to my home now, just 10 mins away vs my 1 hour journey. I prayed and trust God had led me to this new nanny and so far so good. I trust the Lord that Z is in good hands and He will provide for us.

Shichida Classes

Last year December, I had signed Z up for an enrichment right brain training program called “The Shichida Method“. I had witnessed how the program had benefited my nephews and niece and thus I was “sold” to this program. Z started his class in April and had attended almost 6 lessons. Z enjoyed and I enjoyed too! When i first learned from my sister, i thought this program is all about right brain training. Having it go through myself, I discovered is more than that. One core reason why I like this program because it advocate for the child to strive, parents must show their love and concern for the child and with no expectations. It helped me and Kg to stay focus especially in such a competitive environment aka Singapore. This is something I really appreciate 🙂

Milestone and Accidents

Z is now 9.5 months. I can’t believe that time flies so quickly and he is turning 1 this August! And yeah I can slowly wean off breastfeeding. I surprised myself that i lasted so long! *good job PY* and of course as he progressed, he is getting more knocks here and there. Just today  I had the biggest scare of my life. The boy had inserted his fingers into the fan and got a few cuts on his right hand. Thankfully they were just surface cuts and nothing too serious. But that incident was enough to traumatize me  for awhile as I saw blood oozing out from his tiny hand and dripping on the floor. I almost thought his fingers were gone. 😦 I rushed him down to the PD and thankfully all was well. His teeth finally cut through earlier this month and now i am spotting the 3rd tooth coming out. Another significant milestone was he starting to take 2 to 3 baby steps walking! More talking such as mama, dada/papa and mum mummmmm! Sigh why are you growing up so fast my dear?! Thank God for you!


This is is just piling up none stop. Good sign and I wished I had the capacity to handle all these crazy works. I do miss the times when I am mobile and I can think very fast. Nowadays my brain seemed to be scattered to ____ and all I think of is my son. (Hence the above post is mostly about him) and seriously I need to get my brain start moving. I am a contradicting myself at times. When Z is with me, I longed for work. When my work is with me, I longed for my son. Having said that, it brought me thinking I need to do something about it if I want to expand my business and get help in my work. Many times, all the work I am handling on my own leaving very minor works to the part time staffs. This is not good for me especially in the service line. I need to learn to let go and get help soon. God grant me wisdom. There is so much to do and yet I had no help. God provide us help so I can be a better stewardship for this business. Part of me does worried that now I can only do so much as compared in the past which is much more, my finance will be affected. I need to learn to let go and trust that money is not everything and that the time i spent in my family is more worth it as compared to work. I kept reminding myself how lucky I was to be able to take care of my kid twice a week and still get to work 3 days a week.


Health is generally on the average and I had only ran once this year. I had also fell sick more often this year dealing flu, cough and sore throat. I disliked these and which means I need to get more rest. Everytime I told myself to get the much needed rest when Z is with the nanny, I ended up slogging and as a result more sick than ever. It was made worst cos Little Z had not been sleeping through the night since 4.5 months. I don’t know how I survived with the lack of sleep but i did for some miraculous ways . I am praying very hard he start SSTN soon so I can really sleep and go back to work out in the gym. I missed my gym and running. God please help again!

I shall be more consistent in jotting down these thoughts! I had so much things to blog – the places of food I had tried out recently, baking and much more!

Z Turns 8 Months Old

Little Z enjoying barley cereal. This is the “neatest” mess he had created! I need to invest in a plastic sheet so that i can teach him to self feed and also minimize the mopping! Hurray! His teeth finally cut through after 5 months!!!

Time flies! My little boy is now  8 months old. Work had been extremely busy. I am now working 3 full days a week and that means Z is with the nanny for 3 days. The remaining 2 days he will be with me. I initially wanted to work while he napped and now that seems really impossible. He refused to nap and at most go for 2 naps a day which last about 1 hour to 2 hours at most. He is active – crawling all over and getting into knocks and falls. So I decided that the 2 days he is with me – I will not bother to work @ all unless he nap. Otherwise is pretty much focusing on him and spending time with him.

It had been quite a discouraging time @ home and both KG and I are quite burned out. But nevertheless I tell myself that this is temporary and will get better.

As he turned 8 months old, his menu will get more exciting. I am excited because I love to cook and really can’t wait to let him try cakes 🙂 haha. I hope Z enjoy food like his mummy does.

CNY 2013 Getaway – Montigo Resort, Batam – Day 2

Day 2 was a day of resting and eating 🙂 I was looking forward to buffet breakfast but to my surprise, there was none. Buffet is only available on Sunday and the rest of the days they served ala-carte breakfast. I assumed as there isn’t many people staying in the new resort thus having buffet was not practical! Breakfast was good and full 🙂

Breakfast area with a pool for guests to chill out!

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