Words affect my beliefs

“Words of praise come easy in church, but what are your words when it’s just you, God and your problems? Learn how to speak words of thanksgiving no matter your circumstances.” – Joyce Meyers

Sometimes is easy to complain. Is too easy to say negative things. And i wonder why so. I decided that I should change my day by listing 5 things i am grateful for each day.  Here goes.

  1. Thank God for the car. The car allows me to ferry my kids to and fro from school. Especially under this hazy weather, the car became our shelter while ferrying them.
  2. Thank God for KG who support me and the family during this challenging period of my work. Is not easy but God provides through Kg.
  3. Thank God for children BSF and especially much earlier i didn’t know it was available. I am grateful that the program allow me to expose my children to the word of God at a young age.
  4. Thank God for protecting me and my love ones everyday.
  5. Thank God for loving me. I am loved by You. I am reminded that i have this identity in You. One frd mentioned when we know our identity, we will know our rights. When we know our rights, we will know what is our our inheritance. I thought that was a very powerful statement. Indeed, standing not just with God but in God as well. 🙂

2015 October – 3 more months to year end


  1. We booked our holiday in Jan 2016. Something to look forward. 3 more months.
  2. Technical glitch turns out blessings. While booking for the hols, i couldnt pay online. So i called up and they decided to waive off the kids charges + additional credits to spend. I didn’t see that coming.  Thank you Lord – help me save so much moolah.
  3. During a client meeting, the client looked at me and started saying “The Lord bless you and keep you. Pray continually. Pray.” > Thank you for the reminder Lord.
  4. Loving BSF – is been a blessing so far. Thank you God for bringing me to study your word.

I am trying to revive this dusty online blog. Recently a very dear friend, L lost her mom in a very short period of time. In fact it was so sudden, it left the family in shocked. I went down twice to visit her mom and was led by the Holy Spirit to share God’s word. What was meant for her mom who was lying there, i realize those words were meant for her family to hear. Lord whatever it is, you had used me to be there. I do not know what was your purpose to send me but thank you for watching over L and her family. It had been difficult and also reminded me of my own lost before. Nonetheless, we know in You are healing them and helping them to go through this challenging period.

I want to restart my blog again. I initially wanted to ditch this blog and setup a new one. But i tot, these blog contains memories as far as 2005 or even earlier. The purpose to jot down is to show to both kids. To share with them what their mom had gone through. I certainly don’t have a glorious past and i look forward to a rewarding future. A future that is filled with hopes and God’s promises. When I attended today’s BSF, it talked about Moses jotting down how the Israelite moved out from slavery and into the promise land. 40 years recording. I am already 32 years old and i only jot about a decade worth of my journey. I know it is time to pick this up again. Even if the kids don’t read, it will be reminder for me as i go through this journey while we raised both kids up.

3 more months. Lord – help me to break through and help me to clinch the projects. Lord i want the projects. However if you never intend for me to work on the projects, then don’t give to me Lord. Cos i know you are going to give me something even better.