Hello World 2015

I am “back” and I am quite shock to see my last post was dated 31st Dec 2013. One and a half year passed so quickly just like that. *snap snap*

Now a mother of two *gasp*. Was looking through my previous entries i was still cooing over my little pre-toddler. Z will be turning 3 this Aug and my little girl is currently 4 months. I am grateful for my children existence. They brought me joy and through these 2 lives – I’ve learned (still learning) to trust God even more.

Why did i resume blogging? I miss “documenting” my life down. I prefer writing in journal to be honest but to be SUPER honest – my handwriting is horrendous. I think I shall save paper, ink and my children eyesight (Yes both of YOU ZEB & ABI). Mommy wrote the blog is to give you a glimpse what’s life for me (+ daddy) while having the both of you. I don’t know when you will be reading this (probably in your 20s?) but for surely i know when you read this – you probably be laughing and crying. Z yes you – you’ve yet to sttn (Sleep Through The Night in case you need to Google (do you google now or is it another new term?)) and i am getting dark circles all thanks to you. Ms Abi – sweet little girl. *kiss*

I am back blogging 🙂


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