Struggle #1 – Being a Godly Wife

I think we’ve overworked.

My husband involved in 3 ministries and also helping my mom and my brother every week.

I on the other hand have 1 youth ministry, 2 businesses and 1 pre-toddler to handle.

We  hardly had much personal time for ourselves. I don’t want to turn it to a complaining session but I am just wondering why are the both of us so busy. Looking at our other friends, they seem more normal. Weekends are reserved for a time together doing family bonding. Both of us? Often have to take turn to take care of Z so that one of us can serve the ministry.

I don’t feel normal at times. Yet I don’t denied that when we get into the mode of serving, we enjoyed every moment. However exhaustion would set in from time to time as we still have our day jobs to handle (countless deadlines).

I secretly hate technology at times. How convenient for  people to locate you via mobile phone and with all the smart phone, you are contactable all the times unless the battery decided to go flat.

I did googling about being a godly wife. Some said that the home ministry is the priority and some said you can serve alongside with your husband who is also in the ministry. I am confused.

When confusion set in, I looked at Proverbs 31 woman – the woman described inside is amazing. She is a

  1. Wife
  2. Mother
  3. Business Woman
  4. Serve in the ministry

Now now… who says woman can only serve in home ministry devotion to just husband, children and house.

I guessed is all about priority, time management and learning to say NO.

Priority – what comes first in my life?
God > My Family > My Work > (fill in the blank)
Very good. I know that already (in my heart) but when comes to tasks or things that required my attention, all priorities are jumbling up which result getting no/little things are checked off from my to-do list.

Time Management
If i rate myself out of 10, i am going to fail and i am too embarrassed to even mention it here. I am the last minute queen of all queens. Don’t ask me why. (distractions…)

Learning to say NO (and live with my decision)
One of the main challenge in my life now. Many times I don’t know how to say No. If i say No, i am going to feel guilty and terrible that as if I owe the person a life time of debt. Another aspect probably being afraid to be labelled as “No Heart (in chinese) to do a certain task. In another words – fear of judgement. Hence because of this, I landed myself into a lot of unnecessary stress which affect the people around me.

HANG IN THERE PY! This phase will pass 🙂


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