Z’s Milestone – Talking

Whenever I hear Z “talks”, I get very excited! I often wonder what are the new words he is going to surprise me and kg today.

Sometimes I do wonder if I have over imagined things – did he really say the word loud and clear? So whenever I hear something, I will get him to repeat! However he will be more intrigued by my curious and excited expression and start smiling back at me instead of uttering the word again.

In the first 12 months of his life, some of the funny and amazing moments I’ve witnessed!

  • I said “Can you please be cooperative and finish your milk?” He stared at me and then “said OK”. I was stunned. Hahaha!
  • He loves to chit chat with his blue soft toy aka care bear. The way he talked was as if telling his toy what he was up to and once i said, “Z go sleep and stop talking. Care bear needs a break too.” I purposely placed care bear in the sleeping position and said, “Ok, Carebear is sleeping too.. Your turn.” He waited for almost 15 mins and hit carebear and resume talking. LOL.
  • Once he woke up around 6am (we were at Batam for holiday) and he was sleeping on the same bed with us. Kg decided to sing “ABC” song to entertain him. We sang at least 2 to 3 times to him. Then that was a long pause and suddenly Z  went “Q, R, S” and it was exact tune! I thought maybe it was 6 plus in the morning, I must be imagining things again. Because Kg was with me, i looked at him and said “Am i hearing the same thing as you?” Kg stared back at me with amazement and started nodding!
  • One boring Sunday afternoon, I turned on the TV and we both started watching Iron Chef. I was explaining to Z the ingredients that the chef was using. I would often go into fine details to describe what the food item was which in this case it was a banana. When i finished explaining to him, he shouted very loudly “Banananananaaanananananna” Hahahaha!

When the first time Z looked at me and said “Mama” so loud and clear, I felt so bless 🙂 The same thing happen when Z started call his dad “Papa” and made him beamed with so much pride. Then it got funny when he sometimes looked at me and went “Papa” and vice versa when he was with his dad.

I thought I will jot down the list of words that little Z knew how to say and also understood them.

  1. Mama
  2. Papa
  3. Mum Mum (food)
  4. Duck (played rubber duckie during his bath time)
  5. Star (tibits, twinkle twinkle little star)
  6. Dog (his favourite soft toy)
  7. Clock (All thanks to the song Hickory Dickory Clock)
  8. Jesus
  9. Nai Nai 奶奶 (His granny)
  10. Gor Gor (Brother)
  11. Hallo? (used when he used his toy phone)
  12. Fish
  13. Two
  14. Three
  15. Lights
  16. Car
  17. Cat
  18. Bear
  19. Keys (sounds like KISH to me now haha)
  20. Ball
  21. Card (when he tap on the bus with my ezlink card!)
  22. 抱抱 (this is hilarious – whenever he says these words, my heart will melt hahaha)

That was one incident that happened in the middle of the night around 3am. He woke up crying and I was really exhausted because it was the 2nd or 3rd time he was crying for me. I asked him desperately, “Z, what do you want huh?” He replied loud and clear “I want milk!” I was stunned. All my tiredness disappeared! I couldn’t believe my ears. I said “You want milk?” He cried even louder and started nodding his head! Unbelievable!

I am grateful for this beautiful milestone in his life and I am really look forward to have meaningful conversations with him. 🙂 Having him to be able to talk make my life much easier (really!) and get the things he need – like food or anything. That makes 2 very happy people in the house! (I don’t want to think about the not so nice part about talking (yet) hahaha)

As i reflect this, it dawned on me that communication is very important and I should often spend time talking to my spouse and to God too. Especially with my spouse instead of hoping (secretly and desperately) that he gets my point, I should communicate my point across and prevent any misunderstanding! I am also reminded to constantly keep talking and praying to God too. Whenever I does this, it will rejuvenate me and keep me going for another day of my life!


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