Z Turns 8 Months Old

Little Z enjoying barley cereal. This is the “neatest” mess he had created! I need to invest in a plastic sheet so that i can teach him to self feed and also minimize the mopping! Hurray! His teeth finally cut through after 5 months!!!

Time flies! My little boy is now  8 months old. Work had been extremely busy. I am now working 3 full days a week and that means Z is with the nanny for 3 days. The remaining 2 days he will be with me. I initially wanted to work while he napped and now that seems really impossible. He refused to nap and at most go for 2 naps a day which last about 1 hour to 2 hours at most. He is active – crawling all over and getting into knocks and falls. So I decided that the 2 days he is with me – I will not bother to work @ all unless he nap. Otherwise is pretty much focusing on him and spending time with him.

It had been quite a discouraging time @ home and both KG and I are quite burned out. But nevertheless I tell myself that this is temporary and will get better.

As he turned 8 months old, his menu will get more exciting. I am excited because I love to cook and really can’t wait to let him try cakes 🙂 haha. I hope Z enjoy food like his mummy does.


2 thoughts on “Z Turns 8 Months Old

  1. Z is so cute! And he is so advanced! I dont like meal times because N doesn’t seem to like solids very much.. Hopefully once we start to really cook.. (instead of eating these horrible cereal..) she’d start enjoying food!

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