Bundle of Joy

Blessings of the Day:

Z arrived on the 1st Aug 2012

29 July – 31st July
Been having false labor pains. I thought i was having contractions. Tried to time and seriously couldnt really figure out. So quite frustrating. Called my gynae and he said go hospital to do a ctg scan. At this stage, no show or leak of waterbag. @ TMC ctg shows contractions but irregular timings and since i am in late week 37 early week 38, Dr gave me 2 choices

1) Induce – insert tablet in cervix to dilate to give birth
2) Let natural takes its course which means wait for show or water bag burst

I thought for awhile, i said i opt 2nd since he didn’t insist Z need to be out unless emergency. So off i went home and i was still experincing mild cramps aka contractions off and on.

On the very same evening, i still went down (my usual weekly pre natal routine) to see Dr Adrian to show him the CTG chart that i did in the morning. He contd to say the same thing, stick to natural course and enjoy my pregnancy. So we went to do our usual baby routine scan. While scanning, he didnt say his usual lines “bb heartbeat / thighbone / tummy / head etc”. He was scanning and scanning which scares the hell out of me and my hb! I asked “erm doc what are you scanning??!” He usually done in less than 5 mins! He said “i am measuring your water level…hmmm very low below 6cm” i was like huh? Really just last week scan showed it was normal! Then he explained is a sign of baby maturing so this time no more choice given “Check in tonight and induce!”

Wow! So exciting! Haha KG and i started whatapp our family and frds to pray for us. We also went for a good dinner and frankly too excited to eat! Lol! Went home pack baby room and cot. Bath and off we went to TMC labor ward at 11pm. Nurse put in tablet and dilation started. Was sent to room and i slept thru the night with mild contractions going on! God was good! We wanted single rooms and all was taken up and so … they gave us a suite that night! LOL! 🙂

1st Aug 
6.30am – Nurse woke us up at to go back labor ward and contd to monitor baby heartbeat and contractions. It become more intense and regular. Did my breathing techniques and was manageable. (Background: heard mothers screaming cos nv use epidural… Wah really affected me cos i hope i can go thru one w/o It)

9am – Dr came and he asked “Slept well?” i said yeah ok! He said good and want to check how far i dilated. He took a long time again and i was like “why this time so slow cos he had done a check b4 and he was fast!” i was also going “ouch ouch!!” He pulled out his hand and smiled at me “Ok waterbag broke!” i was like “…. Why you didn’t you tell me!!” He went “Tell you you sure very scare… ” erm true… Faint! He added “ok you are 3cm dilated. true pain will come in! Tell nurse if you need epidural!”

1030am – Pain fast and furious! Asked for gas to handle pain!

1130am – Groaning and kicking myself! Each wave was terrible and so intense! Is x100 times of my menses cramps! KG looked like he going to cry anytime seeing me in such great pain and persuaded me to go for epidural. I stubbornly refused but gave in 2nd time when he asked haha.

12pm – Epidural administered. Was already 6cm dilated when it was given no wonder it was so painful! Side effect: drowsy and itchy! Pain? Zero! Contractions felt like someone pressing or squeezing your stomach but no pain! Amazed!

12pm-2.30pm – still stuck in the labor ward becos all birth rooms were full!  i was already fully dilated ard 1plus. Only wheeled in to the birth room at 2.30pm

2.30pm-3pm – After 6-7 pushes with KG and 2 midwives encouragement, i’ve finally push my little boy out. I teared when doc placed him at my chest the moment he was out.  He weighs 3.3kg and 47cm long. Dr Adrain was skillful and used forceps to pull him out as epidural numb my lower body and i couldnt really push. Cord was around baby neck and thank God he was quickly released from the cord.

3-4pm Got into my ward to rest and baby was brought to me for the first breastfeed

After 2 days of my surreal journey, we went home on the 3rd day. Z was healthy and had very mild jaundice. After 1 week had passed, he was all clear! 🙂 Praise God.

My confinement lady had been a great help! She is motherly and cook great food! Thank God for another answered prayer! 🙂

Counting down to his first month and mine too (getting out of house with Z) I prayed for wisdom as i do get post natal blues once awhile. Partly due to his crying, some work emails flying in (i know i am mad to think of work at this time) and insecurity and etc. But PY! You must remember God is the one who provided and answered your prayer! So Trust in HIM!

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalms 32:8


4 thoughts on “Bundle of Joy

  1. omg, I cant believe I cried while reading your birth story… reminds me of my own.. I was induced too… water level too low as well… glad that everything turns out well for you… =)

    congrats and welcome to motherhood! hang on there.. confinement will be over soon… =)

    • Wow! I am so sorry! I only saw your comment until now! Thanks Huisi! Is really good and i am a 2 month old mommy now hahaha 🙂 You are celebrating your 1 year old little girl day too 🙂 Well done too!

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