Korean BBQ (City Square Mall)

Been quite stress recently – not work for once but related to ministry and preparation of motherhood. Thought I should give my mind a rest by blogging. Past 2 weeks been eating some nice food. Thought I should blog them down 🙂

Initially we wanted to go to Ssikkek Korea BBQ @ Novena (after hearing quite good reviews about the good and affordable bbq meat) to have a korean feast as requested by the Birthday Girl, L. We were there to celebrate her birthday and KG’s too since both of them shared the same birthdays! But to my horror, the place is fully booked on a Saturday evening till 8.30pm and so I quickly googled and found another place @ Farrer Park City Square Mall. The restaurant is literally named “Korean BBQ” haha. Price wise both place are the same and it cost about $25-$30 per pax.

Mmmm.. The food is good! The difference between Ssikkek Korea BBQ and Korean BBQ is the latter offers ala-carte menu buffet. Basically you choose the type of marinated meat you want and they will bring it to you. Ssikkek Korea BBQ will be quite similar to Seoul Garden where you will go to the buffet table and start taking the meat. I’ve always find ala-carte menu buffet a much more attractive way to enjoy food compared to you see massive amount of food when people just keep helping themselves. Ok that’s me. You can also choose to top up and get a drink and enjoy the seafood which they put it separately and you can help yourself unlimited helpings. We glanced at the seafood and don’t particular fancy it so we give a miss. BBQ food to me goes with 2 types of drink – Beer or Ice Cold Water. Since I can’t drink, i have to take cold water instead 😛 haha. The side dishes are also not too bad which is again free flow.

I can’t help but order a bowl of rice to go with the BBQ meat. Is like I need something to complete. Yet i was greedy for more so after 1/2 bowl of rice, I ate the meat with lots of wrapped fresh lettuce which again free flow from the counter. Mmmm. Ala-carte menu also includes cold noodles which was such a delight! Refreshing! I chanced upon Bibimbap but I just couldn’t order it cos the idea of having another bowl of rice was too much for me. We’ve also ordered some bean paste soup (can’t remember the name) which was warm and comforting. Thought the appearance of it doesn’t really look much appetizing. Overall it was a great meal with the guys getting their fair share of meat and I am so happy to get my bbq meat since i was thinking about it for days 😛 hahaha.

Korean BBQ (City Square Mall)

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #02-21/22 City Square Mall, Singapore
Tel: +65 6509 9644


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