March 2010

We are approaching like a quarter year in 30 days. Time flies.

I am reminded that I need to constantly remind myself what role I am in now – a wife, a daughter in law and even a better daughter to my own family.

On my table, I placed 6 photos that remind my loved ones.

1) My Parents > They are so dear to me. Every day there was a moment I felt like slacking, I would look at my parents photo and remind myself to work hard so i can give my parents a good life.

2) My 4 sisters > Our age gap are decades part from my youngest sister (8 years) to my oldest sister (12 years). We had never been closed during our younger days. But thanks to God who enabled me to love my sisters for who they are, we are brought closer for the past recent years during new years, birthdays and christmas. I believed that is God’s love in me that brought me closer to my sisters more than ever.

3) Family Photo > the photo taken right in front of the cross right in Bethel. I will always be reminded how the very moment that God miraculously bring my whole family to church. This photo a testimony of how God is real and how true He was. If in doubt, look at that picture and be reminded of God’s faithfulness.

4) A wedding photo with my parents together with Keegan > The wonderful occasion that got me very emotional that a time where I leave my parents and cleave my husband. I often envy my friends who continued to stay with their parents after married but eventually I know that sooner or later my parent will too leave me physically one day. All these taught me one thing, I needed God even more, to cling onto His strength and be reminded that I need to be faithful that God will bring them to know Him more.

Year 2010 is going to be a smashing year for me.


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