A meaningful personal connections – LOVE

Blessings of the Day: Feeling Spiritually Refreshed Renewed

It had been such a long time since I was touched and healed by the Holy Spirit. The feeling was amazing. I shalln’t focus on my personal problems but how God had led me through in this amazing time of healing.

On last Sunday during church, there were announcements on the Wholistic Christian Counselling Conference in Asia 2008 which will be at Faith Methodist Church for 3 nights. I didn’t really take note but one particularly caught my attention – Experiencing God Through Times of Change. I thought that was interesting but it was abit of travelling distance from North to West and plus I did not know any of the speakers.

On Monday afternoon, Ray messaged and told us to go for the 2nd night which was the one i mentioned earlier. But on Tuesday I was heading to JB and I wasn’t too sure I was be able to be back on time. So finally I decided to give a miss. I felt a pinch of sadness when the girls messaged that night me how wonderful the speaker was that night sharing on the topic.

Weiggy first messaged me to attend the last night of WCCC. She was raving this is her new idol saying this speaker was term as the Love Doctor in Asia. Next Mandy again messaged me and told me to go for the last night which titled – Journey to Intimacy. Seriously I wasn’t too interested to go. So when Mandy expressed her desire to attend the conference instead of HQ event. I told her I don’t mind going cos I think Kovan was nearer. Who knows, Jem messaged said she needed to take care of her mom and she will be skipping the seminar and go for the HQ event and would be easier when she returned home. Finally a few more exchanges of sms – I was thrown at this question – “PY are you coming anot?”

Me ? – No reply. Went to sleep

Next day, in the morning 9am+, I got another message from Mandy again – “Hope you can come tonight. Its at commonwealth. Its refreshing ..”

Me ? – Woke up and go to work. (yes i wake up at 9am+ and work at 9am+)

After lunch time – “Py, u not coming tonight ar?”

Ok i Finally replied – “Coming Coming Coming Coming :)”

That evening when I reached, I was greeted by the beautiful worship led by Convenant EFC. The worship was led by their Pastor Fabian. The prayers and the words of the songs ministered deep down in my heart. It was a wonderful time of assurance from God. I hadn’t felt like this for a very long time. Deep in my heart, every word just answers all doubts and questions.

Next Dr Huang was introduced as the speaker for the evening. He came across as a very humble man and a hidden humour. For the next 2.5 hours, I was paying full 100% attention and writing furiously the notes into my phone. The congregation was fully engaged by his teachings. I certainly have a fruitful time. It is more than just learning men are from mars and women are from venus. It is the art of the love language that most of us couples or even singles fail to grasp it properly. Getting into paradox fightings were meaningless.

When I returned home that night, I still looked at my phone notes. I slowly realized that I hadn’t been supporting him well enough. I called him up and apologized for the nonsences that He had to face from me. I too recognize the efforts that he had been trying to put in to pay his attention for me. It hadn’t been an easy time for us either. It was so much and too overwhealming many unexpected events had happened and we constantly snapped at each other non stop. That night, we talked for 2 hours sharing and talking what I had learn from Dr Huang’s seminar. It was a certainly a time of healing not only for myself and for him as well.

It was really a blessing to be able to listen what Dr Huang had taught us. So … Thanks Weiggy and Mandy for asking me to go 🙂


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