About Me

Blessings of the Day: I had a good rest on Sunday though I return to work half day earlier… But glad that i finally clear the paper. Hope the results will be good although it was a killer. Oh well..

I had been tagged. Well I can’t even remember when I played this tagged game 😛 hahaa thanks to my friend, Huisi.. Talking about her… she is my junior back in secondary school days. We were in the chinese dance and time flies man. 😛 Thanks ya… ha

the rules:
# Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.
# People who got tagged must write it in their own blog and state this rule clearly.
# At the end of the game, list down 6 people to be tagged and NO TAGBACKS!!!

10 little things about me…

1) My love for cooking was inherited from my Father.

2) I told the most lies from Primary 1 to 6. Everyday at least 2 – 3 lies. Wonder what wrong with me…

3) I fall in love in Computer .. it was not games but Microsoft Word Application… Again i wonder what wrong with me… I sat beside my eldest sister when she attempted Microsoft Word to type her report. My 2nd sister and brother did the same thing too. 3 of us would sit and stare at the computer screen. One by one they would doze off cos they found it quite boring eventually. But for me, I was too fansinated by the whole thing.

4) The skill of cycling was self-mastered… at the age of 10 years old.

5) I go to Changi Airport to relax and always pretend I just return from overseas.

6) The truth is … I never gone clubbing before. Yes, I don’t think I will. Ha.

7) I like to picnic, bbq and sit by the beach.

8) I ate bbq cow’s tongue before. Yum 🙂

9) Whenever i was poor during the student days, i would do handmade gifts for Keegan.

10) My first cooking experience was actually baking. I loved to bake cookies actually than cooking initally. I baked cookies almost once every two months when I was a student. One mutual friend whom I don’t really fancied commented that she pitied my future husband cos he could only eat cookies as I didn’t know how to cook normal meals. I almost wanted to stuff my cookies down her throat…. (ROOOAAARRR)

Alright… i shall target the next 6 friends who likely to read the things i write

1) Qingqing (Hey Hey You YOU!)
2) Ai Weig (weiggy who love KTV)
3) Rachel (oakley oakley oakley)
4) Litong (tong tong mei mei ! hehehe)
5) Siybl (your name came into my mind cos i tot i saw you linked me in your blog 😉 )
6) Jiayi (but i guess you wouldn’t be free huh?!)

can i target more??


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. yeah i read your blog.. but then huh.. duno what is the tag game about.. how does cow’s tongue taste like?? euii… weiggyu better already? =)

  2. =)weiggy, you just have to copy and paste the rules and games.. then name 10 things about urself that no one know and followed by arrowing 6 more persons who will have do the same too 🙂

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