Saturday Sisters Outing

Blessings of the Day: Drill Com 2007 – 48th GB is awarded Silver and we have the Best Commander Award! Praise Praise Praise the Lord!

Work pile up like mad… I need to focus + relax.. maybe i should head for a morning jog tomorrow. God grant me creativity!!!!

After class on Saturday, I went to Raffles City and met up my 2 sisters for dinner. My sister treated us a very expensive japanese dinner … nearly $100 for the 3 of us … Food was excellent and the ambience was great

Check out Kuriya Market & Restaurant in Raffles City Basement.

Then we head to Esplanade to watch Phantom of the Opera!

The musical was Excellent!Splendid!Wonderful!Fantastic!

The highlight….

  • The Opera House Chandelier
  • The Labyrinth Underground – where the Phantom & Christine sang “The Phantom of the Opera”

The best best part – we got the best seats in the house! Thanks to my sister who purchased the tickets 6 months ago.. we were seated on the 2nd level right in the middle with zero obstruction and we saw the whole entire musical props. I heart my sister! =) 10 years ago when they were in Singapore I only have the privilege to listen the entire sound track now… I finally have my chance to watch it LIVE! =)

My next wish list… to watch The Phantom of the Opera in London AGAIN!! *whoohoo*


2 thoughts on “Saturday Sisters Outing

  1. i wld like to go London too…*hands up & wave*u shld have told me what seats to get earlier…i quite doubtful of my seats..think it’s skewed to one side…

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