Christmas 2006

Blessings of the day: I am well … recovered… thank you God and your prayers. I lost 3 kg. All thanks to laxatives & also the pathetic appetite I have for the past 1 week. Almost like kitten share of food BUT my appetite is coming back. Tonight I finally ate 1/2 plate of white rice and 1 bowl of udons. Good good.. my 3kg will come back in awhile.. who cares about weight now? Health is more important after all these.

Oh This Christmas… very special to me. Aside food feast is the main highlight my family is coming to Bethel to attend the service. What delight me the most was she had asked if she can come to church this Monday. I was jumping with joy in my heart. May the Lord guide me and help me. I have learn is not an easy task and to me it had taken more than 3 years. But the Lord is good. Just wait for the harvest period.

A Christmas prayer for my family.

Tomorrow shopping for Christmas food @ Suntec … Oh great I can’t wait!


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