Exam period

Blessings of the day:

I completed my exam project aka ECA on time and everything went well. Now looking forward to do well for my presentation on the following week Monday and the paper on Wednesday!

I am stressful.. yes stressed.. i am scared .. alot of fear… 15 chapters. Judging I had not do well for the first 2 written assignements for my media communication modules – these contributes more stress for myself. Alot of understanding and memorizing the concepts. My work on the other hand needed my attention. Sigh. I wish i can really drop my work and focus 100% on my exams now.

But I give thanks for the final assignment. I made an (not really remarkable) improvement but I was encouraged and especially thankful to see the efforts I’ve put in for the assignment paid off. My lecturer source out some of the students works and compiled the answers on a single paper and passed it to us. I was really shocked to see my work appearing as the model answer for the 1st question. Recalling during the times I already felt so stressed with my 1st question as I really did not know what I was answering. The time spent to read up the textbook and notes helped me and gave me a good gauge of this is how I should probably prepare my exam in this manner to gain a good standing for answering the questions.

8 More days – i placed my trust in God! Hopefully I can do better than all my 3 assigments!


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