Had a long list of resolutions that i made for the Year 2006. Too many to name… but most importantly is that I must have the discipline to see through it. No discipline = Ultimate Failure

Here are the top 10

1) Exercise 2 times a week
(The above resolution is waived if I am sick.)

2) Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water. Cut down my sugar intake.

3) STOP surfing silly websites .. i waste too much time on them.

4) Be a good & filial daughter and help out in housework.

5) Prioritize my works.

6) Be nicer to my brother
(The above resolution is waived if he really upsets me.)

7) Bedtime must not passed 12 midnight.

8) Pray & spent time with God. I hope to spent at least 1/2 hr with God each day. If i can remember to take my meal why can’t i remember to spent time with Him.

9) Saves at least 10% to 20% of my allowance. I admit I have poor management skills when it comes to finance so I am trying to be a good stewardship of money (is that how you say?)

10) Greet with a bright smile (or tell a joke) to make my friends happy =)
(The above resolution is waived if my friends request me to keep quiet! *sigh*)

2 more mins to midnight! *poof*


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