It had been almost, let’s see… about 1 – 2 years since i left youth (teenage period) and enter into young adult hood. My definition of Young adult hood is from the age of 20 – 35 … haha.. today i attended the “No Apologies” Workshop that are target for youths about abstinence. In fact it was my 2nd time attending this. What i enjoyed most about no apologies is teaching the youths about abstinence and at the end of the day there is this pledge card where you sign to promise yourself that you will save yourself for marriage. You then will have to find a witness or a person whom you are accountable to and get him or her sign the card for you.

As I looked at the youths today, many of them were keen to know what is being a relationship like or maybe even sex. Even when i was in my teenage years, i have my fair share of crushes on cute guys… especially who are into sports… I was once a curious and naive girl who want to know what is being in a relationship like so i enter into a (silly and very silly) relationship with a guy. I am very thankful that nothing happen … cos during those days back in secondary school.. is common to hear my friends getting pregnant and dump and abortion. Very sad cases and worse ones would be dumping babies at HDB estates … As i looked back, God had protected me. I am thankful that this thing only lasted a few months and it was not a deep relationship; it was more a hi-bye thing. Why am i sharing this? Because… today i happen to bump into him on the streets, 6 years since i last saw him. Keegan and I was shocked when we see him: Big sized, fats, tattoos on arms, heavy smoking breath…

EWWWWWW! Both of us were stunned and ewwwww … i barely look at him for 1 sec and i lost my appetite for my dinner. I started to recollect my memories and begin to think what if I had continued in the relationship. What will happen to me?! Sound silly to some of you but i just so freak out by his look!

I am very glad that i made the right decision to place my studies as priority over BGR then during sec school days. It wasn’t a sweet romance and in fact a very jerky and nerve-racking one. Cos you don’t want your teachers to find out and they will call your parents and inform them!

Now BGR has a new meaning to me… is more than just a boy-girl relationship. It should be Building.Godly.Relationship with Christ is placed in the center of the relationship.

I am hungry now… my appetite had just returned…


One thought on “BGR

  1. wow! your sharing on BGR is very touching. i really can identify with how you felt. I also heard some of my sec sch friends whom i once fancied but whose life turned out in a very different way now. it’s a mixed feeling i have. On one hand, u feel for this guy- besides, he’s someone you once liked, you hope to do sth to sound him out abt the way he’s living his life now… On the other hand, u knew now why God didn’t allow the r/s to work out then when u used to be sad it didn’t work out. but now u’re glad u walked on the paths God prompted u to go. not sure if you felt the same way i did.. but yours was certainly a meaningful sharing. that’s also my aim to challenge the views of the youths whenever i go into a sch- whatever it is, tread on the right paths, never negotiate your values for the sake of a charming face-but it’s been hard to get this across. it’s hard for youths to cling unto what Jim Elliot says:’he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose’ (u know? it’s hard for them to give up the opportunities of being with a cute guy when he comes along to chio1 them- which they know they cannot keep – to gain what they cannot lose- their values and their virginity) Indeed our lives has been led by God and i believe it’s solely for the purpose to do His work to lead more to Him. Otherwise we would be taking His Grace for granted. May this relationship you have continue to honour and glorify His name. =)

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