yawn today had been a packed day from 6.45 am to 10pm… but i started my morning with a very blessed note šŸ™‚

I wanted to wake up at 6.30am this morning but of course i fail miserably.. i woke up at 6.55am instead. Was ready by 7.05am. Looking @ my watch thinking *chum no time already i need to be church by 7.30am plus i need to withdraw money to prepare for the change* No choice, i took cab down instead

Met this cab uncle … told me he was a christian when he learnt I was heading to church. Continued to do sharing like his church is @ some ulu ulu place near telok blangah place methodist church … also heard of Bethel too and been there once..*Wow* He mentioned that after sending me to church, he was going home to pick his family then head to the church to go for service. I was like *wah* good … šŸ™‚ and he said before he drove taxi, he worked in some timber industry for a few years then switch to taxi driving.

For many years he never worked on Sunday cos Sunday is the sabbath day a Holy Sunday for the Lord .. to rest and have a fellowship with his family. However one Sunday morning, his church had combined service and it is at 10.30am. Woke up early in the morning nothing to do, he decided to drive his taxi and worked. Before he started his job, he said a prayer: “God, I know today is Sunday. But I just feel like working. May the work i doing now be glorifying and pleasing to you. Make it yours and do your will” When he shared this part, he was super excited and exclaimed: “Guess what!? The whole morning, i was fetching pple to church!!!! I felt so happy and that was the first time i felt job satisfaction and God was working! I drove pple to church so that they will not be late and can be on time for the Lord! I never wasted my morning. ” Huge grin plastered across his face and he just couldn’t stop smiling.

I was so touched and blessed by this testimony that he shared and he said ever since when there is a combined service or when he wake up extra early, he will drive on Sunday morning and somehow God always arrange pple to take his cab to go church šŸ™‚ I was his first christian passenger today! hehehe

Begin to think and also started to reflect, had my work been glorifying and pleasing to God as well? I guess it had šŸ˜› but of course everything is to God to be glory šŸ™‚

When nearing to church, we turned in the road at “Jalan Girang”, and the uncle surprised me. He said: “Hey is that your church members?” I was thinking uncle can tell we are bethel pple HAHA ….. i peered out and saw Auntie Pauline and Ben. Quickly stopped the taxi and asked them to get in so they won’t have to walk so far.

Upon reaching the church, Auntie Pauline just whipped out a $10 dollar note and paid my cab fare. I was like ??!!!!! AH? What are you doing? That’s my cab ! The taxi uncle just laugh at me and accepted auntie Pauline’s payment instead! ARH! And she just kept saying never mind lar.. is OK! N silly Ben just giggled nonstop. No matter how hard i tried, she still refused to accept my payment.

Blessed morning … Thank you Father šŸ™‚


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